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Biosolutions for crop protection

We are developing high-precision protein-based biobactericides capable of eliminating, in a high-precise way,
the bacterial phytopathogens that affect crop production and distribution.

Protein-based biobactericides

100% biological, biodegradable and non-toxic.


Our proteins are like specific arrows, not affecting microbiomes and preserving soil health.

Protect & Cure

To protect & cure crop production from bacterial diseases in a sustainable way.


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    Synbio Platform Technology

    We are developing a proprietary Synthetic Biology Platform capable of designing and building our high-precision bactericidal
    proteins to develop each new biobactericide in a very fast way, completed in months not years.

    No bio-prospecting need
    Engineered proteins & Biofactories
    by design
    New solutions faster
    with less money


    Syocin is an ag biotech startup founded in 2019. We are a venture-backed corporation based in California with subsidiary businesses in Argentina.
    Our purpose is to improve food availability, protecting crop production in balance with Nature.

    Our Vision
    We envision having the capability to give fast-response to any plant bacterial disease, even new unknown ones.

    “Leveraging Synthetic Biology, we are revolutionizing the way in which plant bacterial diseases are treated and cured to improve world food availability.”


    Our Founder Team



    PhD | Synthetic Biology & Microbiology


    MBA | Software engineer | Business & Management

    Investors & Partners

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